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Reliability is of paramount importance for subsea developments. New technologies and components have to be qualified prior to any operational use. Through dedicated studies,  EMC3 has been involved in programs aiming to maximize the reliability and availability of subsea production systems.

EMC3 has been selected by a group of oil companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea to conduct several studies on the level of qualification of critical subsea systems and components in deepwater (3000m).

These studies include the analysis of international standards and the qualification status of subsea equipment, as well as full qualification programs proposed to minimize risks.

EMC3 performs studies on the development of all-electric subsea production systems. This enables the exploitation of frontier reservoirs (e.g. in arctic conditions, for long tie-backs) by minimizing initial investments.

By performing studies aiming to optimize maintenance strategy on projects already in operation, EMC3 manages the complete life cycle of Oil&Gas developments.

In subsea related domains (Defense and telecommunications), EMC3 is contracted to assess the qualification level and/or review the design of subsea components and telecommunications infrastructures.

Together with Oil companies, subsea contractors and engineering companies,  EMC3 has been involved in European projects aiming to enhance oil and gas extraction. During those projects,  EMC3 was primarily tasked with downhole control and instrumentation, and associated technologies.