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Research & Development

To define its R&D strategy EMC3 focuses on deepwater and state of the art technological developments.

This strategy is heavily market-oriented and includes :

  • Optical fibre based instrumentation: Optical fibre offers better performances than electrical instrumentation, mainly where resolution, accuracy and resistance to the environment are concerned. EMC3 has successfully completed the R&D program, prototype manufacturing and qualification of an optical sensor integrated into the following products:
    • Non-intrusive pressure sensor
    • Pipes and risers stress measurement associated with fatigue assessment software (developed by a partner). This application is based on an EMC3 patent.
  • Deep water intervention : EMC3 engineered a complete hydraulic power unit included in an intervention riser (3000m water depth)
  • Downhole control & monitoring : participation  in the European project Smart Reservoir Net
  • Electrical heating of production jumpers to avoid hydrate formation, as an alternative to methanol injection
  • Patented new design of  a water  tolerant electrical/optical junction box.

EMC3 uses the operational knowledge gained on previous projects to provide its clients with short terms innovative solutions.