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Project Expertise

During basic engineering phases, EMC3 is involved either within the oil companies’ teams, or within the engineering contractor’s teams, as the Subsea Control System and/or umbilical specialist.

EMC3 specialists are responsible for the control system and umbilicals specifications as part of the tender offer file. They carry out the following tasks :

  • Definition of umbilicals network as per subsea layout
  • Definition of umbilicals to optimize the availability/cost ratio
  • Definition of typical connection systems (electrical, optical, hydraulic)
  • Definition of the control system, including :
    • Topside electronics,
    • Integration to the topside distributed system,
    • Subsea control modules,
    • Instrumentation (incl. multiphase flowmeters),
    • Interfaces to the downhole control & monitoring devices
  • Participation in technical clarifications, as part of the call for tender process
  • Technical recommendations

These tasks have been carried out on most of the shallow and deep water projects in which EMC3 has been involved (Girassol, Dalia, Moho-Bilondo, Moho North, Kizomba, Rosa, Akpo, Usan, Pazflor, Bahr Es Salam, CLOV, Kaombo, Tyrihans, Shtokman ,Egina, Nuggets).